Inspired by the rich discussions at the FHA Conference in Manila to empower individuals and communities in slums, a local gathering of the Vincentian Family convened in Curitiba, Brazil, where the “13 Houses” project called “Dignified Housing” has been providing homes to vulnerable families since 2020. The meeting was an important moment of reflection and sharing to improve collective action.

March 23rd was a historic day for the 13 Houses Project! Approximately 60 representatives of the Vincentian Family gathered at the Provincial House of the Daughters of Charity in Curitiba to share the conclusions of the Manila Conference, presented by Sister Cleonice Claudino, DC, who took part in the event.

Members of AIC, CM, DC, SSVP, MISEVI, VMY, AMM, Vincentian mothers – 13 Houses, representatives of Our Lady of Mercy (Capuchin Friars) and the Coordination Team, joyfully and willingly joined forces to make the 13 Houses Project a reality. Since 2020, the project in southern Brazil has been a reality and several families in vulnerable situations have been helped. 

The meeting began with a moment of prayer. After the prayer, there was a talk about the charism and information about the Vincentian Family, a sharing of the Manila Conference and a presentation of documentaries of the houses built and renovated by the project.

This meeting marked a significant advancement, as some branches that were not yet part of the Coordination Team nominated a member to represent them. In the areas where the houses are built, efforts are also made to seek partnerships with the government, especially for land legalization and other necessary documentation. 

The next step will be a meeting with groups of professionals, engineers, doctors and lawyers to present the 13 Houses Project and the Vincentian Charism, aiming to engage them as collaborative partners. 

“A dream that is dreamt alone is just a dream that is dreamt alone, but a dream that is dreamt together is a reality”! (Raul Seixas). The Vincentian Family of the Southern Region envisions a beautiful and fruitful horizon regarding the 13 Houses project. They are aware of the challenges but also believe that together they can make the dream of dignified housing a reality for many families living in situations of social vulnerability.

The meeting ended with a delicious lunch prepared by the Daughters of Charity of Casa Medalha Milagrosa. Thank you!

The Coordination Team of the “13 Houses” Project

“A dream that is dreamt alone is just a dream that is dreamt alone,
but a dream that is dreamt together is a reality”!

(Raul Seixas).