A double rebirth: a woman and a mother in search of herself

Imagine a red thread winding along a journey mapped out on a map, in search of one’s own happiness. Doris’s path represents an inner journey of self-discovery, through countries and encounters with different people. Some of them will try, with violence, to cut that red thread symbolizing the much-desired happiness. In the end, Doris will manage to preserve it, that red thread of love, the umbilical cord, the birth, and the joy in the eyes of her newborn who has come into the world, Raymond.

A journey of 6 countries: from Ghana to Spain

My name is Doris, I am 24 years old, and I am from Ghana. I was born into a Christian family with eight siblings. We lived in extreme poverty, and not all of us could attend school. I learned what my sisters taught me.

As our family didn’t have enough money, my mother decided to send me to live with an acquaintance in another city. In that house, my life was full of fear and uncertainty; physical and emotional violence. I survived unimaginable situations to send money back to my family to help them. Until one day I decided to secretly leave with the money I had saved.

Leaving everything I knew and leaving my family behind was the hardest thing I have ever done…my father, mother and siblings. I abandoned it all, knowing that it would be a long time before we reunited again.

I left my country in 2018, travelling through Togo, Benin, Niger, Algeria, and finally Morocco. It took me three months and I walked most of the way. It was incredibly tough and I could only hold onto my faith. God gave me the strength I needed to endure so much suffering.

I saw so many people who had started the journey with me but couldn’t make it. People were dying at my feet. We had a long way to go and no water or food. Even today, I carry with me the painful memory of those who couldn’t survive.

In those moments, I could only trust that God would give me the necessary strength to reach my destination even when I doubted and felt abandoned at times.

In Morocco, I met my future husband and eventually, I became pregnant. We lived in the forests of Nador for a while and we lived in the forests of Nador after I became pregnant. Despite the hardships and a tragic incident where I lost my baby during a police chase, I always felt God’s presence. We later made it to the Canary Islands but were separated upon arrival, leaving me with many fears, but God remained by my side throughout the journey.

From the Canary Islands, I was sent to Seville, Spain. Again, the fears, the loneliness, the unknown, but this time God had prepared something for me: The Vincentian Family, who welcomed me with open arms, treated me like no one had ever treated me before, giving me everything without expecting anything in return. For the first time, I felt like a person, a woman, a friend, a sister, in a beautiful home where I could share my life experiences with other girls who had been through similar situations to mine.

All the women who are part of this great family receive special treatment, and all our needs are met, especially those related to health and well-being. During one of those medical check-ups, I discovered that I was pregnant. I was very scared; I didn’t want to lose my baby again. I was so eager to share the news with my husband – it was a great joy – but he didn’t take it well. He told me he wanted nothing to do with me or our baby and claimed that the child was not his, and he left me to my fate.

This time, I wasn’t alone anymore. I had so many angels around me who consoled, encouraged, and cared for me that I couldn’t stop thanking God. Today, my son has turned one year old and is a healthy and happy child.

I fight for a better life for him than what I have lived. I work tirelessly to achieve my dreams and continue learning Spanish. I would love to work helping children who have no family, have my own house, and be self-sufficient.

To all those people who, like me, left their country fleeing or seeking a better future, I would like to tell them not to lose hope, to find a safe place, and to patiently fight for their dreams. Be grateful every day for what God has prepared for them.