Welcome to the 13 Houses Campaign and thank you for your interest!

The 13 Houses Campaign is a Famvin Homeless Alliance initiative and aims to improve and transform the lives of 10,000 homeless people around the world in 3-5 years from 2018. More than that, we want to see 13 Houses projects in each of the 156 countries where the Vincentian Family works!

The 13 Houses Campaign takes its inspiration from St. Vincent de Paul who built 13 small houses close to St. Lazare, the motherhouse of the Congregation of the Mission, to care for abandoned children. It was a true collaborative project between the Ladies of Charity, the Daughters of Charity and the Congregation of the Mission; all doing their part to ensure that thousands of children were cared for.

Read more about the origins of the 13 Houses Campaign here. You can also download our 13 Houses Booklet to learn more about the Campaign.

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   Help us end homelessness – One house at a time.

Hope for Venezuela’s Refugees | 13 Houses Campaign

Over the past two months, we have shared with you some of the 13 Houses Campaign projects under construction. But there are many more we hope to build in the coming months. Here is Peru’s 13 Houses dream. Peru has almost 1.8 million people in need of a home. Fr Cruz,...

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Against the odds! | 13 Houses Campaign

Slum, Favela, Shanty Town... The names are different but the implications are all too often similar. Hundreds of thousands of people living crammed together in a tiny space in or around an urban area. Originally temporary but now morphed into something that feels so...

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Winter is here! | 13 Houses Campaign

Winter is here: Tallinn, Estonia: -16° C; Beijing, China: -2° C; Chicago, USA: -12° C; ... As the temperatures plummet below freezing across the northern hemisphere, we tuck ourselves a little bit tighter into our warming winter coats. We put on that extra pair of...

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The drop that makes the difference | 13 Houses Campaign

Kateryna quickly packed her bags in the Luhansk region of Ukraine in September 2015, only taking what was absolutely necessary for herself and her two small daughters. Her hometown had become too dangerous. Constant shelling had destroyed the homes around her. Fleeing...

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Guatemala Project for Volcano Victims | 13 Houses Campaign

Five branches of the Vincentian Family are collaborating to open a new project to help families who lost their homes after a volcanic eruption. 35 new homes will be built as part of the ‘Welcome Home Project’. The Fuego volcano erupted last year, killing dozens and...

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