About the Alliance

The Famvin Homeless Alliance (FHA) supports established and emerging Vincentian homelessness initiatives across the globe. We take a broad definition of homelessness – encompassing those living on the street, refugees and those displaced from their home, and slum dwellers in inadequate housing.

The Vincentian Family is a global Catholic movement rooted in the spirituality and example of St Vincent de Paul. With a membership of over two million people, there are Vincentian homelessness projects across six continents helping hundreds of thousands of people each year. The FHA acts as a bridge for those projects, fostering cross-border learning and supporting their development. The FHA is also helping to create new homelessness projects.

The FHA was set up in 2017 to mark the 400th anniversary of the birth of the Vincentian Charism. We coordinate a number of initiatives which you can see on this website. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to learn more!



Our Logo and Name



Famvin” says who we are: The Vincentian Family, a family that encompasses over two million members working with those living in poverty and the marginalized in 150 countries.

Homeless” says what we do: We aim at reducing and, where possible, ending homelessness in the countries in which we work. We do this by considering the first ever truly global definition of global homelessness, which includes

  • those living in the streets,
  • those in refugee camps/internally displaced persons and
  • those living in inadequate housing (slums and favelas).

Alliance” says how we do it: In the spirit of collaboration of St. Vincent de Paul, the inspiration of the Vincentian charism, we seek to merge efforts in order to cooperate for the specific purpose of reducing and ending homelessness worldwide. Building on existing works and projects, we want to strengthen the Vincentian network around homelessness by listening to the people experiencing homelessness, sharing best practices, supporting leaders, encouraging the growth of new services, and lobbying for structural change.

In the logo, the shape of rooftops above the wording suggests our commitment: that each person can find a place to call home in whatever life circumstances she/he is.

The strapline that defines this project is “Vincentian Family Global Initiative on Homelessness.” Given the complexity of the issue of homelessness, we address it from a global and systemic perspective, acknowledging the urgency to work with all people of good will beyond the Vincentian Family.


Project Description

To mark this 400th Anniversary of the Charism, the Vincentian Family decided to launch this major global project aimed at reducing and, where possible, ending homelessness in the countries in which it works. It will involve both immediate holistic care for those suffering homelessness and a campaign for systemic change in the way that homelessness is tackled at a local, regional and global level.
In summary, the aim of this initiative would be:

  • to make a real and sustainable difference to the lives of thousands of homeless people globally;
  • to build a strong network between Vincentian groups working across the broad spectrum of homelessness;
  • to support and to develop existing and emerging leaders;
  • to share best practices across agencies;
  • to encourage the growth of new services and to reflect on our collective Vincentian experiences;
  • to lobby for structural change in support of homeless people at a national, regional and global level; and
  • to develop and to make available formation materials in support of this initiative with respect to Vincentian Spirituality.

It is envisaged that this 3-year pilot would extend into a commitment up until 2030 in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Click here for a summary of our Strategic Plan.