About us

The Famvin Homeless Alliance is a Vincentian Family global initiative supporting established and emerging homelessness initiatives across the globe.  We understand homelessness as those living on the street, refugees and those displaced from their home, and slum dwellers in inadequate housing.

Our vision is a world where everyone has a place to call home and a stake in their community.

The FHA was set up in 2017 to mark the 400th anniversary of the Vincentian Charism. The Vincentian Family is a global Catholic movement rooted in the spirituality and example of St Vincent de Paul. With a membership of over two million people.

What we do

Improve and Transform the Lives of Homeless People

Take our 13 Houses Campaign, aimed at changing the lives of 10,000 homeless people, to the next level through the development and monitoring of systemic change projects.

Spotlight forgotten refugee crises around the world.

Build Global Capacity in the Vincentian Family

Connect Vincentians working in homelessness and foster local, national and global partnerships within and beyond the Family to improve our service to the homeless.

Support and develop existing and emerging leaders.

Systematize how the Vincentian Family responds to global humanitarian crises, with a focus on the provision of shelter and primary services.

Plan Together

Coordinate with other global Catholic organisations and institutions to deliver international conferences on homelessness.

Develop resources and materials around specific dates (E.g. World Day of the Poor, Vincentian Day of Prayer).

Encourage Structural Change

Support the Vincentian Family lobbying on homelessness at the United Nations and link homelessness with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Develop local advocacy campaigns to create awareness of homelessness.

Increase the engagement of local Vincentian Families with the A Place To Call Home initiative run by the Institute of Global Homelessness.

Use Measurement and Data

Create a global map and database of existing Vincentian Family homelessness projects, to show our collective global presence and to enhance collaboration.

Provide Learning Opportunities

Share best practice and research across the Vincentian Family.

Develop spiritual and other formation materials, as well as training resources on specific topics related to homelessness.

Reach out to Vincentians and the Homelessness sector

Give a platform to Vincentians working on homelessness and to those whose lives have been transformed to share their stories.

Be a loudspeaker for the Voice of the Poor, so our work is guided by their wisdom.

Grow our presence across the globe through our volunteer ambassadors.

You can download our Strategic Plan in PDF in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Polish.