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Managing Agent – Depaul International

At their January 2017 meeting, the Executive Committee of the Vincentian Family proposed that Depaul International would manage, on behalf of the global Vincentian Family, a joint project focusing on addressing “homelessness in its many guises” as the worldwide, unifying theme to celebrate our shared 400th Anniversary.
Depaul International (www.int.depaulcharity.org) is a family of charities working with homeless and marginalized people in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Slovakia, Ukraine, and the United States of America. Globally, Depaul’s work ranges from providing safe shelter, accommodation, food and health services to helping people affected by homelessness receive the education, employment and social services they need. Depaul’s goal is to empower people who face homelessness, improving their quality of life and helping them stay off the streets for good.

In the next three years, the Famvin Homeless Alliance will benefit from the expertise Mark McGreevy, founder and Group CEO of Depaul International, and the experienced team of the organization.

General Information

Mailing Address
Depaul International
St Vincent’s Centre, Carlisle Place, London SW1P 1NL
Tel.+44 (0)203 948 9872

Registered Charity No. 1107385
Company No. 5245818 England and Wales
Registered Office 291-299 Borough High Street, London SE1 1JG

Institute for Global Homelessness

The Institute of Global Homelessness (www.ighomelessness.org), as a Vincentian Partnership between DePaul University and Depaul International, recently worked with experts from the worlds of academia, service delivery, policy and advocacy to create the first-ever global definition of homelessness which has been acknowledged by the United Nations. It defines homelessness under these broad three headings:
(1) People without accommodation; e.g. street sleepers;
(2) People living in temporary accommodation; e.g. refugee camps or internally displaced people;
(3) People living in inadequate/insecure accommodation; e.g. slums and favelas, bed and breakfast, hostels.

Anecdotally known to be one of the biggest global providers of services to these differing groups, who represent some of the poorest and most disenfranchised people in the world, the Vincentian Family will benefit in different ways from the work of the Institute of Global Homelessness: access to multiple resources (Online Hub, leaders’ training opportunities), participation in city campaigns to end homelessness, etc.