FHA International Conference 2024

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The Famvin Homeless Alliance International Conference took place from 29th to 31st January 2024 at Adamson University in Manila, Philippines. The theme of the conference was “Empowering Individuals & Communities: Vincentian Action in Slums”. It aimed to shed light on the global reality of slums and the challenges faced by millions of people who live in them. Experts and practitioners from varied sectors and regions shared experiences, insights, and best practices on addressing slum dwelling as a form of homelessness.

Session Materials


Welcome Address
Fr. Daniel F. Pilario, CM
Adamson University President

Welcome Address
Mark McGreevy OBE,
FHA Coordinator

Keynote (1) – Understanding current trends of slum dwellings
Ms. Mary Arlynne (Ariane) Aliggayu
Deputy National Director
Habitat for Humanity Philippines Foundation, Inc.

Keynote (2) – In the footsteps of St. Vincent today
Fr. Jaroslav Jaššo, CM

The Event of the Year

As members of the Vincentian Family, this Conference brought us together to address the pressing issue of slum dwelling affecting over a billion lives globally. Recognizing that only through collective efforts, combining resources, and sharing expertise, can we overcome this challenge. 

13 Houses Exhibition

A journey with those experiencing homelessness

The photographic exhibition originates from the heart of a Vincentian initiative that serves homeless people worldwide: the 13 Houses Campaign.  These images are not just shots behind a camera; they offer us an opportunity to see beyond, to fully grasp the meaning of this journey. Bon voyage.


“Imagine waking up each morning in a crowded, makeshift dwelling with no assurance of a safe and secure environment. This is the daily reality for millions of slum dwellers worldwide.”

Mark McGreevy OBE

Depaul Group President, FHA Coordinator