Famvin Homeless Alliance

The Vincentian Family Initiative on Homelessness

The 13 Houses Campaign

A Famvin Homeless Alliance initiative aimed at improving and transform the lives of 10,000 homeless people around the world in 3-5 years

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Goal: End Homelessness!


How can the Vincentian Family help people who are refugees, internally displaced and victims of human trafficking? Through collaboration and action. These two themes permeated the 3-day FHA Conference. In his opening homily, Msgr. Robert Vitillo (C.S.) spoke of the...

Dominican Republic and Morocco join the ’13 Houses’ Campaign

The Dominican Republic and Morocco have joined the ’13 Houses’ Campaign with two very different projects. We are very happy to have reached the benchmark of 52 countries and we are grateful to see that the Campaign is growing even further after Botswana, France and...

Joy and gratitude: the 13 Houses project in Venezuela

Although we are not there, we can see and feel the joy and gratitude in the smiles of the two families that the 13 Houses Campaign helped in Venezuela, in the municipality of Andrés Eloy Blanco. It all started two years ago, during a home visit, when one of the...

Championing the rights of street children in Kenya

Championing the rights of street children in Kenya

The Daughters of Charity and their “13 Houses” Upendo Program are taking to the streets to commemorate the International Day for Street Children in Kitale, Kenya. Children are among the most vulnerable homeless groups, but their voices are barely heard.  This walk on...