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Mark McGreevy OBE

Mark McGreevy OBE

President Depaul Group | Depaul International

In 2017 the global Vincentian Family asked Depaul International to lead on the Famvin Homeless Alliance on behalf of the Heads of the Vincentian Family with the President of Depaul International Mark McGreevy OBE assuming the role of FHA Coordinator.

Mark joined Depaul in February 1990 as one of the first employees of the charity which was set up initially in London, working with homeless young people sleeping rough on the streets. In 1992 he became CEO of Depaul UK, and over the next 10 years it quickly expanded into a national charity, followed by growth into homelessness services in Ireland, at the invitation of the Irish government. 
Depaul International was established in 2004, with Mark moving into the Group CEO role, and overseeing the charity’s expansion into more European countries and across to the USA. In 2022 Mark assumed a new role as President of the Depaul Group and handed over his duties to Matthew Carter OBE.

In 2014 Mark co-founded of the Institute of Global Homelessness based in Chicago, a joint partnership between DePaul University Chicago and Depaul International which is currently working on a strategy to end street homelessness in 150 cities by 2030 as well as working with the UN to secure ending homelessness as part of the Sustainable Development Goal.

Mark is a past trustee of the international aid charities CAFOD, Mary’s Meals and a Fellow of Leeds Trinity University.

In January 2018 Mark was invited to speak about street homelessness at the United Nations’ 56 th session of the Commission for Social Development: https://int.depaulcharity.org/depaul-ceo-united-nations

Depaul International website: https://int.depaulcharity.org

Yasmine Cajuste

Yasmine Cajuste

Project Development Manager

A native Haitian, Yasmine currently serves as the Project Development Manager for the Famvin Homeless Alliance.

From 2011 to 2016, Yasmine was a member of the Vincentian Family Collaboration Commission (VFCC), a team that coordinates a unique training experience designed by and for the Vincentian Family to learn together what strategies can be used to collaborate in the Vincentian struggle against poverty.

After contributing to the conception and launching of Zafen in 2009, the International Vincentian Family Project for the 350th Anniversary of the Deaths of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac, she participated on the Board that helps coordinate the Vincentian efforts to alleviate poverty in Haiti. Later on, in April 2013, she worked for two years with the Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative (VFHI) as the Education Coordinator. In this function, she implemented and coordinated a two-pronged project that 1) provided a daily hot meal in 17 schools of Port-au-Prince and the Central Plateau; 2) helped raise the level of education through teacher-training.

A member of the Vincentian Marian Youth from 1995 to 2015, Yasmine became a full-time volunteer in 2003 and worked in the Association’s headquarters in Madrid (Spain) for eight years, putting her trilingual skills at the service of VMY. She served as the International President of this Branch of the Vincentian Family from 2005 to 2015. In this position, she participated in various international events, visited VMY groups in several countries and continents, and helped coordinate many Vincentian formation projects.

With seven years of teaching experience, Yasmine holds a bachelors degree in Education from Quisqueya University (Haiti) and a masters in Educational Leadership from DePaul University (Chicago, USA).

Natalie Monteza

Natalie Monteza

Campaign Coordinator

Natalie is a Vincentian since her elementary school education at the Colegio Sant Vicente de Paul in Panama, where she grew up.  In 2004, she joined the headquarters of the International Association of Charities (AIC), as Head of the Projects Capacity-Building Service to coach and developed training tools for AIC volunteers in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. From 2009 to 2015 she served as Secretary General of that Branch of the Vincentian Family (VF).  She too was a member of the VF Collaboration Commission (VFCC) from 2011 to 2015 and coordinated the deployment of the VF Collaborative Action training Program (VFCAP) to Spanish speaking countries.

In addition to her collaboration with the Vincentian Family, Natalie has worked in the international cooperation development sector. She served as Project Manager and Deputy National Coordinator of operations in Guatemala of an Italian non-governmental organization which ran several humanitarian assistance and development projects. Thanks to her field experience she has developed specific training material and guidelines on human rights and, in particular, those of women and girls.

More recently, as a consultant she has collaborated with international networks of Catholic charities (CIDSE and Caritas Internationalis), and other international civil society networks (CONCORD and FORUS). She has also contributed to programs funded by the European Union and the United Nations in Latin America and Africa respectively.

Natalie earned an International Relations degree from Brown University (U.S.A.), and a Public Policy Masters from Universidad Rafael Landívar (Guatemala). Additionally, she has completed diplomas on Civil Society Management and Monitoring & Evaluation with a Human Rights perspective. She speaks Spanish, English, French and Italian.

Anja Bohnsack

Anja Bohnsack

Over the past 18 years Anja has had a focus on working with the most vulnerable people in societies around the world. This included those experiencing poverty and homelessness; orphaned, traumatized children; elderly people in palliative care and adults with complex disabilities.

Since joining the Depaul Group over 5 years ago, Anja has moved from working frontline with young homeless people in London to taking the lead on supporting Depaul subsidiaries across the globe to develop new services, improve monitoring and evaluation systems and manage major trust and institutional grants. She has extensive experience in analyzing complex environments and has been instrumental in the expansion of the Depaul Group into new countries. In 2017, Anja was asked to join the Famvin Homeless Alliance in their efforts to end homelessness.

Internationally, Anja has trained staff working in Libyan refugee camps in case management and Psychological First Aid; established improved systems and processes in a children’s village in Cambodia; developed training for staff working in palliative care in Australia and worked as a research assistant on studies exploring the effects of mindfulness on cancer patients or those suffering from Fibromyalgia in Germany.  She holds a German Diploma in Psychology (equivalent to MSc) with a focus on Work & Organisational Psychology, Pedagogic Psychology and Cultural Psychology and is a trained project manager.