As we remember October 17th’s Eradication of Poverty Day – a day of global significance – we would like to reflect on the plight of those struggling with homelessness in Brazil.

Given its large size, Brazil faces a serious homelessness challenge that requires a united national effort to address. It is in fact estimated that one in four people are either homeless or live in inadequate housing, which lacks access to running water, sanitation, healthcare, and public education[1].

Eradication of Poverty Day is observed worldwide and reminds us of the vital importance of fighting poverty and homelessness. It emphasizes our collective duty to help those who are struggling and work towards a world where poverty is a thing of the past.

To address this pressing concern, the SSVP (operating in conjunction with various partners) has undertaken an effort across the nation, extending its reach to ten locations in the Northeast, South, and Southeast regions of the country.

In collaboration with several Vincentian branches and like-minded organizations, the SSVP National Council of Brazil has played a crucial role in the renovation and construction of eighteen homes throughout Brazil. This is part of the “13 Houses” Campaign, and it has helped a total of eighty-three people with an investment of R$ 270,000 (two hundred seventy thousand Brazilian reais) from SSVP.

The selection of families to receive assistance was a collaborative effort, with the Vincentian Units considering the unique needs and expectations of each family. The families were living in slums and favelas, and their active involvement in the project aims to foster a sense of community and participation. The project supports people experiencing or risk of homelessness, people facing precarious situations, and refugees or displaced persons.


The 13 Houses project of the Vincentian Family aims to provide decent housing and promote social inclusion of homeless people in several parts of the world. With the approval of 18 projects, this joint effort between the Vincentian Family and partners demonstrates the commitment to help those who do not have a decent home”,

       highlights Márcia Moreschi, 13 Houses project leader.


The project also aims to eradicate poverty in the long-term, by providing livelihood opportunities for all the experts with lived experience participating in this project.

As we mark Eradication of Poverty Day, let’s not just recognize the problem; let’s also celebrate the powerful collaboration driving this joint effort. It shows us what’s possible when the Vincentian Family comes together to create a brighter, more hopeful future for those in need. Despite the tough road ahead, the Vincentian project in Brazil gives us hope for a world where we find solutions to homelessness and poverty.