After Typhoon Odette caused widespread destruction in the Philippines in December 2021, the Vincentian Foundation, in partnership with other Vincentian branches, embarked on a mission to bring hope and resilience to communities devastated by the disaster.

 As soon as the extent of the damage became apparent, the Vincentian Family started helping by giving out essential supplies to meet the urgent needs of families affected by the disaster. Simultaneously, disaster rapid assessments were conducted to understand the long-term requirements of the communities. Amid the ruins, a pressing need emerged – the construction of typhoon-resilient housing.

The Vincentian Foundation and Vincent Helps submitted a project proposal to the Famvin Homeless Alliance (FHA) to assist families with partially and totally damaged homes.

Thanks to the kindness of the Vincentian Family and the public, who generously responded to the FHA emergency appeal, the project moved through important stages, each bringing it closer to the goal of building disaster-resistant homes. By the end of August 2022, the completion of 100 house repair kits was celebrated, a testament to the heartfelt and impactful response to the disaster.

With meticulous planning and collaboration, the project took shape across five project areas – Payatas, Quezon City; Irosin, Sorsogon; Monkayo and New Bataan in Davao de Oro; and Lawaan, Eastern Samar.

The pre-construction phase unfolded, bringing together communities, local government units, and volunteer engineers. Coordination meetings and community consultations paved the way for a collective effort to build not just houses, but resilient communities.

The construction phase saw the tireless efforts of the Vincentian Foundation and its partners. Each housing unit is a symbol of hope and resilience; today, the completion of the 10 typhoon-resilient housing units is a testament to collective efforts and determination. Families once exposed to hazards now have a secure shelter. The project also saw the blossoming of new livelihood opportunities such as in Payatas, Quezon City, with the construction of a mini grocery store for a beneficiary family.

The FHA and the Vincentian Family of the Philippines extend their deepest gratitude to all supporters, donors, collaborators, and staff involved in this transformative journey.

As three more housing units are set to be completed by the end of 2023, the story continues, fueled by an ongoing spirit of generosity and compassion. The thirteen houses in these areas will be used as “models” in the construction of the succeeding number of houses benefitting over a total of 800 families. In this story of recovery, these typhoon-resistant housing units stand as a symbol of a better future for resilient communities in the Philippines.

Irosin, Sorsogon area

Lawaan, Eastern Samar area

Monkayo in Davao de Oro area

New Bataan in Davao de Oro area

Payatas, Quezon City area


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