“We are now homeless”, this was a recurring phrase we heard from friends and Vincentian Family members in Beirut after the violent explosions of August 4th in the heart of Lebanon. Like them, 300,000 people in the country’s capital are now experiencing homelessness.

Before the explosion, Lebanese people were already experiencing economic hardship and the consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic, with a vast increase in poverty having stunted the country. The Famvin Homeless Alliance recently supported Lebanese Vincentians in their local efforts to feed and give medical attention to the population, and they had just gotten ready to start a “13 Houses” project.

In the wake of this latest catastrophe, the Lebanese Vincentian Family immediately sprang into action: sheltering the homeless, taking care of the poorest, healing the wounded and feeding the needy.

Now more than ever, the population left homeless in Beirut and the Vincentians present there, need all of the support we can send.

The FHA has been offered an initial fund of $50,000 with the condition from the funder that other donors match it. This will provide shelter, food, healthcare, and building repair materials for 25 families, and this help will be extended to others as more funds arrive.

Your support is vital to Vincentians in Beirut to restore hope to many more families!

The homeless in Lebanon are counting on you!


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Payments can be made by bank transfer or check. Please contact homeless @ famvin.org