13 Houses are being built for families who lost their home in the 2017 earthquake in the northeast town of Hueyapan in rural Mexico. The earthquake was so destructive it took rescuers over a week to access to the community. But one year later, many families are still homeless.

Several of the families who will benefit from these homes are involved in the design of the housing, which are being built to high construction standards so they can continue to serve the poor for many decades to come.

The homes are a partnership between the Vincentian Family and a local NGO, the Hearts for Mexico Foundation. The 13 Houses Campaign Solidarity Fund has provided funding for four (4) homes, while nine (9) others already built.

The AIC are taking the lead within the Family but seven branches are involved in total (CM, DC, AIC, AMM, VMY, SSVP and MISEVI). The 13 Houses Campaign prioritises funding collaborative projects because we know the poor are best served when we work together.

These 13 homes are built in the year we celebrate the 175th anniversary of the CM and DCs arriving in Mexico, from where the Vincentian Charism was spread across the American continent. A fitting mark of 175 years of service to the poor.

We will continue to update you on the 13 Houses Campaign, with 20 countries now planning projects. Please pray for our Vincentian Family brothers and sisters in Mexico and the people they serve!

Do you want to get involved in the 13 Houses Campaign?

Visit our website page to find out more about building a project or donating to the Solidarity Fund.

Download 13 Houses for Homeless Families in Mexico (pdf).