In order to help the people during the current crisis, the Vincentian Sisters of Untermarchtal have initiated a prayer network that enables them to be present to people in a new way. They want to assure people that they are not alone. Yes, as church services are cancelled and other events are rescheduled and people are confined to their homes, it may feel that they really are alone. In light of that reality the Sisters write on their website:

You are not alone in your fear and uncertainty. God is with you, with me, with us. Let us be united in prayer – with each other and with God. We Sisters would like to pray for you, your worries and needs in a very personal way! You are welcome to send your prayer requests to: and we, in turn, will bring them to God.

The prayer requests are then distributed, so that the Sisters in the Motherhouse in Untermarchtal, in the home for the elderly and in the different convents throughout diocese can pray for all the various intentions.

Furthermore, in these times, the Sisters are able to listen to the questions, needs and uncertainties of people and to comfort and console people.  For this purpose, they established a telephone number, so that people can call them and thus share from the depths of their heart.

We hope that these new ways of becoming present to people will prove to be supportive and helpful as countless men and women confront a wide variety of fears and anxieties and worries.