Last week the FHA volunteer ambassadors came together for the first time since the training course last year in Paris. On this occasion, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the meeting took place virtually. 12 months ago the ambassadors laid out their plans and goals, and we wanted to check in with them to see how they had progressed.

Our volunteer ambassadors are a group of 14 Vincentians based around the world, who help the FHA to spread the word about our work. Our ambassadors work with their communities and within existing Vincentian Family structures to encourage engagement and help those who are serving our homeless neighbours.

The meeting also served to check up on our ambassadors following the onset of the pandemic, as some of them live and work in countries that have been heavily affected by coronavirus. Fortunately, all of them are in good health and are continuing to serve the poorest of the poor in this time of need. The ambassadors are a key component of the Famvin Homeless Alliance. After one year in their roles, the FHA team wanted to understand how we could better support the ambassadors to carry out their mission and overcome any difficulties they have experienced.

You can find here more about what they are doing. In the future, we hope to share more with you about how the ambassadors will help the FHA to move forward and continue working with the Vincentian Family and the homeless around the world.