On the 4th of August 2020, two major explosions rocked Beirut port, killing more than 150 people and injuring over 6,000. More than 60 people went missing.

What happened on Tuesday is greater than the size of Lebanon in its current situation, adding to the economic crisis, currency collapse and COVID-19 situation.

This catastrophic incident left more than 300,000 people homeless, a lot of buildings collapsed, people losing their jobs, residence and some beloved members.

Several hospitals had reached full capacity leaving a lot of people without any medical assistance.

In the past week, a lot of members of the Vincentian Family volunteered in the most affected areas by the explosion. Those volunteers helped people to relocate, cleaned houses and provide whatever within their capacity to provide some basic needs.

People now are in desperate need of medication, food, places to stay and financial support to renovate their destroyed houses. As for the Vincentian Family in Lebanon, this disaster urged us to be more involved in remembering St. Vincent and what he would do in such a situation.

Whatever action we did was an act of Love, remember the famous quote of St. Vincent that “Love is inventive to Infinity”.

After five days of continuous work, very little was accomplished compared to what is needed; we are in a desperate need of any support (financial, food, medications etc.) to support those disadvantaged and homeless people ensuring no one is left behind.

Our volunteer ambassador in Lebanon Rodolph Haddad wrote this article shortly after the blast. The Vincentian Family is sheltering the homeless, taking care of the poorest, healing the wounded and feeding the needy. The homeless in Lebanon are counting on you! Donate!


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Diaries of a Vincentian takes a closer look at some of the more personal experiences of Vincentians working with homeless people, slum dwellers and refugees. They shine a light on the moments that inspired us, the situations that left us speechless and shocked, and the people that crossed our paths and showed us that more must be done.

What connects them is that Vincentian commitment to the poorest of the poor; and the hope that as a Family, we can do more.


Rodolph Haddad, FHA ambassador in Lebanon