This year, St Vincent de Paul’s Day is going to be very different from what we would have liked. After these tough months, in which the Vincentian Family stepped up to Covid-19 and the tragedy in Beirut, we want to remember both what we have achieved and the brother and sisters that we have lost.

Knowing, as Father Bob Maloney highlighted, that our response to the current crisis is rooted in 400 years of work inspired by St Vincent, we have decided to take a moment in our journey to recover our strength and look back to remember how it all began.

Therefore, the Famvin Homeless Alliance is today publishing a new video that recounts the history of the Vincentian Family, our work with homeless people all over the world, and the reasons behind the existence of the FHA. There are subtitles in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German and Polish. We hope you will enjoy it and share it with your friends and networks:

We also take this opportunity to share with you once again our Annual Theme for reflection. This year, we are focusing on slum dwellers. We hope that this document helps you to learn and reflect, and inspires you to keep serving our brothers and sisters living in poverty in slums around the world. You can download it in PDF here. 

Happy St Vincent’s Feast Day!