The International Vincentian Family has raised nearly $250,000 on behalf of the Lebanese Vincentian Family to support the victims of the blast in Beirut last August. The money is managed by the local Vincentian Family and helps those affected by the explosion to rebuild their lives and their houses. The initial target of $100,000 has been greatly exceeded, thanks to Vincentian generosity that rose to the challenge set by Fr. Tomaž Mavric, President of the Vincentian Family Executive Committee. 

The local Vincentian Family sprung into action right after the explosion, a tragedy that left 300,000 people without a home in a matter of seconds. The country was already crippled by the Covid19 pandemic on top of a  political and economic crisis. Many Lebanese Vincentians joined the reconstruction efforts despite also being directly affected. They have provided shelter, food, healthcare and repair materials for several families. 

Meanwhile, the Famvin Homeless Alliance (FHA) and the Vincentian Family Office (VFO) launched the fundraising campaign “From our hearts to the heart of Lebanon” to concentrate Vincentians initiatives. The money raised to help the families affected came from institutional donors, Vincentians branches from the five continents and many individual donors. 

The campaign has been a great example of Vincentian solidarity and collaboration and has shown how much more effective we can be when we join our efforts. We launched our campaign remembering St Vincent’s words: “Charity can not remain inert and inactive”. Vincentians have made sure it didn’t.