Happy Feast of the Miraculous Medal! 

As we celebrate the apparition of the Virgin Mary to St Catherine Labouré almost two centuries ago, in the FHA we are also celebrating three years of the “13 Houses” Campaign! 

In this time, Vincentians all over the world have housed or supported over 7000 people, and the Campaign is on track to reaching the 10.000 people goal. This shows what Vincentians are able to do when we work together. But we want to go beyond! 

That is why we are asking Vincentians to join us and embrace the homeless in a network of charity. We want to see a “13 Houses” project in each of 160 countries with a Vincentian presence! 

Are you a member of a Vincentian branch in a country without a 13 Houses project? Contact us! Join us to end homelessness, one house at a time! 

Join us! 

We are also challenging countries with 13 Houses projects to bring more countries on board! 

In 47 countries Vincentians have started 13 Houses initiatives. In addition, Vincentians in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK have generously participated in the Campaign with donations to the Solidarity Fund. Even some individual Vincentian donors or local groups have sent donations from Austria, Botswana, Italy and Spain. We are grateful to all of them for their solidarity with and charitable participation to the work of Vincentians elsewhere in the world.

Countries without a 13 Houses project so far:

Join us! We are getting closer!

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