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13 Houses call for proposals 2022

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Help people who are refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced and victims of human trafficking to break the cycle of homelessness

Inspired by the testimonies heard at the 2022 FHA Conference in Seville, the Famvin Homeless Alliance (FHA) launches a call for new projects on August 30, 2022. As part of the 13 Houses Campaign, this initiative aims to boost efforts to improve the lives of people experiencing homelessness around the world, and in particular of those who are refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced and victims of human trafficking.

This call for projects is aimed at any organization that is a member of the Vincentian Family (VF) and would like to propose initiatives to help the target population escape the cycle of homelessness, demonstrating a long-term sustainable vision and a systems change approach.

Why does it matter?

According to UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) 89.3 million people were forcibly displaced at the end of 2021 as a result of persecution, conflict, violence, human rights violations or events seriously disturbing public order; 53.2 million are internally displaced, 27.1 million are refugees and 4.6 million are asylum seekers.1

These numbers underline the drastic situation in which millions of people live, forced to leave their homes and even their country in search of safety and the right to a dignified life. Since the end of 2021, the number of displaced people has grown due to the war in Ukraine and other conflicts such as those in Myanmar and Burkina Faso. 2 As a result, the number of people forced to flee has now reached more than 100 million (1 in every 78 people on earth).3

When people are forced to flee their homes they are at a far greater risk of becoming a victim of human trafficking, as being away from their family and community support network makes them an easier target for traffickers. 4

The 13 Houses Campaign aims to help this vulnerable group of people. Currently, the 13 Houses Campaign has 87 projects in 56 countries and has helped a total of 8296 people. We invite you to take part in this open call and develop a 13 Houses project. Together, we can help homeless people in the 160 countries where the Vincentian Family works!

Eligibility criteria

Please ensure that your branch meets the following eligibility criteria to be considered for

  • The main implementing branch is a member of the Vincentian Family.
  • Project beneficiaries are people experiencing homelessness. Priority will be given to
    initiatives that focus on helping refugees, asylum seekers, slum dwellers, internally
    displaced people, and victims of human trafficking.
  • Projects adopt a systems change approach, they have the long-term goal of breaking
    the cycle of homelessness. Please note that this call for proposals will not consider
    humanitarian aid projects. Priority will be given to countries with no existing 13 Houses project.

Please see the annex below. Please also note we will only consider one project per country for financial support from the FHA Solidarity Fund. The FHA will examine and evaluate each project submitted, and the final selection of projects will be done by the FHA assessment team.

The FHA will offer technical and financial support throughout the planning and development of the project.

About the grant

To support branches of the Vincentian Family with less money and resources, the Solidarity Fund was created to provide the funds needed to develop their 13 Houses project. Funds for specific projects depend entirely on the generosity of Vincentian Family members and groups.

The maximum grant applicants may request from the Solidarity Fund is 50% of the total project costs and no more than $50,000.

Apply now

To submit your project, complete the application form here and send it to The FHA will be taking rolling
applications from 30th of August to 27th November 2022 at midnight (BWT). FHA will notify you upon reception of your application


Annex – Countries NOT participating in the 13 Houses Campaign yet (as of August
30th 2022)
1. Algeria
2. Antigua y Barbuda
3. Austria
4. Bahamas
5. Bangladesh
6. Barbados
7. Belarus
8. Belgium
9. Benin
10. Bermuda
11. Bolivia
12. Bosnia and Herzegovina
13. Bulgaria
14. Burundi
15. Cambodia
16. Canada
17. Central Africa Republic
18. Chad
19. Chile
20. China
21. Comoros
22. Costa Rica
23. Cuba
24. Curaçao
25. Czech Republic
26. Democratic Republic Of Congo
27. Denmark
28. Djibouti
29. Egypt
30. El Salvador
31. Eritrea
32. Fiji
33. Gambia
34. Germany
35. Gibraltar
36. Granada
37. Greece
38. Guinea
39. Guinea Bissau
40. Guyana
41. Hungary
42. Iran
43. Iraq
44. Ivory Coast
45. Jamaica
46. Japan
47. Jordan
48. Hong Kong
49. Kiribati
50. Lesotho
51. Liberia
52. Lithuania
53. Luxemburg
54. Macedonia
55. Malaysia
56. Mali
57. Malta
58. Mauritius
59. Micronesia
60. Moldavia
61. Monaco
62. Mongolia
63. Montenegro
64. Myanmar
65. Nicaragua
66. Norway
67. Pakistan
68. Portugal
69. Puerto Rico
70. Republic of Congo
71. Saint Lucia
72. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
73. Samoa
74. Sao Tome and Principe
75. Senegal
76. Serbia
77. Singapore
78. South Africa
79. Sri Lanka
80. South Sudan
81. Sudan
82. Surinam
83. Swaziland
84. Sweden
85. Switzerland
86. Syria
87. Taiwan
88. Thailand
89. Timor Leste
90. Togo
91. Tonga
92. Trinidad
93. Turkey
94. Uruguay
95. Vanuatu
96. Vatican State
97. Vietnam
98. Zambia
99. Zimbabwe