Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that allow us to move forward, push through, and face life’s challenges. You catch a scent in the kitchen: it’s Ana lovingly baking a cake for her children. It’s a small gesture that brings hope to her two kids in a moment of sadness when they don’t have a stable home; and joy when they finally find a new one. Now, laughter echoes from the garden: it’s the sound of rediscovered happiness. The children play on the slide, sway on the swing, soaring with imagination toward a new, colourful world. Today, the house is filled with toys, swings and dreams from which to envision a new future. 

Ten moves to a new, stable home.  

My name is Ana, and I’m 38 years old. I’ve been on quite a journey with my family, one that has transformed our lives in ways we never imagined. Let me take you back to where it all began.

In 2012, I married the love of my life, and together, we welcomed two beautiful children into our world: an 11 year-old boy and a charming 4 year-old daughter. 

We contemplated living with our families, but we knew that wasn’t the path we wanted to take. So, when I became pregnant with our first child, we decided to rent a room and start our own life. Little did we know how many challenges lay ahead.

Life was tough. The high cost of rent forced us to move multiple times, and our son, Darius, felt the instability deeply. It was hard for him to form friendships, and his education suffered due to all the school changes. Darius remembered how we celebrated each move with a cake and a heartfelt wish for it to be the last one. 

After ten moves and with another child on the way, we faced a crucial decision. We really wanted a home to call ours, but we felt like our financial situation was just an insurmountable obstacle. Then, the COVID-19 crisis hit, pushing us further into uncertainty.

But we didn’t give up. We decided to build our own house, despite the odds being stacked against us. When we finally moved in, I can’t describe the joy we felt and our little girl danced throughout the entire house. We celebrated with a traditional cake, promising our children an outdoor wonderland of swings, slides, and more. Having all these toys for our kids is really special.

They feel happy at home, whether it’s summer or winter. The cold in winter used to make us feel a bit sad, reminding us of times when we didn’t have a warm home. Now it reminds us of the joy we’ve found. We love playing outside in the garden with snowballs, and our house has truly become a cosy home.

I went to befriend the parents in our new neighbourhood, which turned out to be a blessing. Father Andrei, with his kind soul, extended a helping hand. We’re eternally grateful to him and Mrs. Ana, who became a motherly figure to us. She always made sure we had everything we needed and even supported my studies: I am currently in my last year of study at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. My intention is to submit my Bachelor’s thesis once I successfully complete all of my exams in the current academic year. I am really looking forward to finishing my studies and I can now see a more stable future for my family and children. 

To everyone involved in this life-changing project, you’ve transformed our world. We never expected this chance, and we’re filled with gratitude. We wish you all the best in continuing to help those in need.