The Famvin Homeless Alliance (FHA) has reached three years working with the poorest of the poor and the homeless. This anniversary comes at a time when the Vincentian service for homeless people is more necessary than ever in the post Covid-19 world.  

Three years after its creation, the FHA presents its first Impact Report, reflecting on what has been achieved. Among the highlights are the “13 Houses” Campaign, which has already changed the lives of more than 5000 homeless people around the world, our conferences, and the success of the Vincentian advocacy effort, which resulted in the first UN resolution providing an international definition of homelessness. The FHA has also responded to recent events, launching emergency appeals to support the Vincentian response to Covid19 and to support the victims of the explosion in Beirut.

Mark McGreevy, FHA Coordinator said “the FHA has been the witness of the global vibrancy of Vincentians committed to ending homelessness at all levels supported by our 14 trained FHA “Ambassadors” drawn from different parts of the Vincentian Family from across the globe. We thank all of the Vincentian Family branches who have actively taken part in the FHA, the Vincentian Family Executive Committee, the FHA Commission members, FHA “Ambassadors” and all donors who have made the past three years possible, keeping alive the Vincentian Charism, and bringing hope to the most marginalized.”

The FHA is already working on a new strategic plan for the future that lies ahead, with the objective of fostering collaboration and exchange amongst Vincentian Family branches, and with the final goal of ending homelessness, one house at a time.